Past gigs


Past gigs



14th November – John Hegley, supported by Julian Arguelles (solo set), at St. Paul’s Sessions. St. Paul’s Church Centre, Marylebone. £7 / £5 concs.

17th November – ‘Names and Places’ with Sarah Woolfenden, at Vortex Downstairs (underneath the Vortex Jazz Club), 7pm, as part of the London Jazz Festival.

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23rd November – Natural Causes at The Hall, Lancaster, 1pm – 3pm

6th December – Some things grow in the sea at Norwich Buddhist Winter Banquet.

13th December – Brass Monkeys – ‘Shoaling’ collaboration with Ripsaw Catfish, at Marzanos, Norwich, 8pm – £5 (tickets available here: )



20th February – Glasseye Daisy Killer at Forest Gap – 8pm at Forest Tavern (a very nice pub and space), 173 Forest Lance, E7 9BB

28th February – Glasseye Daisy Killer set, supporting Tolerance Manoeuvre, at Hundred Years Gallery, 13 Pearson Street, London, E2 8JD. Timings TBC.

12th March – Monk Inc. at Rose Tavern, Norwich – Monk tunes with Ben Higham etc.

13th March – some things grow in the sea, supporting saxophonist Tom Ward’s ‘Madwort’s Menagerie’, at St. Pauls Sessions, St. Paul’s Church Centre, 5 Rossmore Road, NW1 6NJ

14th March – some things grow in the sea, at Gloombusters, Spooner Row Church, South Norfolk.

15th May – St. Paul’s Sessions – with The Brass Monkeys (support by Clive Bell – solo shakuhachi set)

29-31st May – Natural Causes at Wychwood Festival

10th June – St. Paul’s Sessions – Tolerance Manoeuvre, support by Chris Dowding and Mark Sanders – duo improvised set – part of ‘the meaningless sky’ series.

August 9th – Natural Causes at Manchester Jazz Festival

4th September – St. Paul’s Sessions – John Butcher (solo) & Word of Moth (Now on the 4th September, NOT 5th)

11th September – some things at ‘Existential Antics’ (a set of three gigs in Norwich in September 2015, see below) – in the Undercroft, above Norwich Market, Norwich. with the Organic Soul Society – 5:30-8:30ish

12th September – Rude 2.0 at the Vortex, Dalston.

18th September – The Brass Monkeys at ‘Existential Antics’ – at the Undercroft, above Norwich Market, Norwich. 5:30-8:30ish

25th September – Arthur at ‘Existential Antics’ – Undercroft, Norwich Market – I won’t be there, but you could be… It’ll be very good – very good new Norwich band – saxophone, tuba & drums…  5:30-8:30ish

28th September – some things at ‘Beyond our Kennel’ – John Hegley’s quirky and fun night at the Betsey Trotwood, near Farringdon station, London

19th October – some things – supporting Tolerance Manoeuvre, at Servant Jazz Quarters, London

14th November – Rude 2.0 at the Vortex, Dalston, as part of the London Jazz Festival

15th November – Glasseye Daisy Killer at ‘Oroshi’ – an afternoon of music, dance, and performance art at Hundred Years Gallery, curated by Glasseye Daisy Killer.

16th November – some things at the Vortex Downstairs. Early gig 7pm (for 45 minutes only), as a kind of introductory trumpeting warm-up to the main gig upstairs (which includes the great New York trumpeter Peter Evans, in a band led by Swedish bassist Petter Eldh). Free entry (donations welcome)

21st November – St. Paul’s Sessions – Natural Causes / Tolerance Manoeuvre

5th December – Playing with the Choral Engineers (a creative community choir from Devon), as part of ‘Long Time Coming – Songs About the New Road’. A Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra Participate Project.



March 11th – Playing with the lovely duo Diego Brown and the Good Fairy – in London. More details soon…

May 7th – Playing as part of ‘Really Actually Windy’, curated by dancer Mirei Yazawa

May 22nd – Performing with Trio of Men, in the south-west. More details soon.

May 29th – Performing with West Gallery choir, at Carlton Forehoe church, South Norfolk. New choir set up by my Dad and his wife…

June 8th – Musical Keys fundraiser by Kit Downes, Anteros, Norwich. ‘some things’ set, supporting pianist Kit Downes, who will play a exciting solo set. Also performing are Miniature Universe, hang player Blake Harrison’s project.

23rd June – Triple-bill of some things, Arthur and The Brass Monkeys, at the York Tavern, Norwich. 8pm

3rd July – ‘some things’ in Spooner Row Church, Norfolk, as part of Wymondham Music Festival. Also Monk Inc. (Norwich band playing interpretations of Thelonious Monk tunes) and the Dolce choir, led by Philip Aldred. 6:30pm, Spooner Row Church, Spooner Row (nr. Wymondham). Details at the link below:

6th July – ‘Lady sings the blues – the songs of Billie Holiday’ – Wymondham Music Festival, 5pm, with Shona McLellan (vocals) and Katie Vaughan (piano).

21st July – Playing with Diego Brown and the Good Fairy, at the Lantern Society, Clerkenwell.

23rd July – Playing with Diego Brown and the Good Fairy, at Westival, nr. Aldershot (never been to Aldershot…)

4th August – First ever Plink Plonk gig..! Plink Plonk is a new improv night in Norwich, organised and programmed by the Norwich and Norfolk Sonic Arts Collective, which i am part of. This is the first gig – saxophonist John Butcher and electronics musician David Ross, solo set each, followed by a duo set.

More information and tickets here:

7th August – Depping in Norwich-based saxophonist Simon Youngman’s The Mingus Project. More details soon.

2nd-4th September – Natural Causes at End of the Road Festival – writing instant songs from playing games… More info soon. Amazing festival..!

26th September – Solo set at Clerkenwell ArtsLab, at the Betsey Trotwood, London – poet John Hegley will be performing on this night, and I will play the world premiere of a new solo piece i’m working on.

30th September – Second Plink Plonk gig – Sudden Amusements / Pan Anglian at the York Tavern, Norwich. Field recordings, processed trumpet and electric guitars. I am playing with Sudden Amusements, a new duo with Oliver Payne.


8th-10th October – Natural Causes – Tour of the North 2016

Celebrating 10 years together…

8th October – Marsden Jazz Festival – double-bill with Graham Browning Trio – NC, 3pm, GBT 1pm at Standedge Tunnel Visitors Centre

9th October – The Apothecary, Lancaster, 2pm

10th October – Chapel FM, Leeds, 7:30pm


24th October – some things at Clerkenwell ArtsLab, at the Betsey Trotwood, London.

26th October – Improvised duo set with the amazing Sylvia Hallett, as part of flimflam – saxophonist Alan Wilkinson’s regular improvised music night, at Ryan’s Bar, Stoke Newington, London.

11th November – ‘some things presents…’ at the Vortex Downstairs, as part of the London Jazz Festival. Part 1 – some things set plus Chris Dowding / Julie Kjaer, duo improvised set.

18th November – ‘some things presents’ at the Vortex Downstairs, as part of the London Jazz Festival. Part 2 – some things set, plus Ben Higham / Paul Jolly duo improvised set.

27th November – ‘Little Big Band’ at the Luna Lounge, Leytonstone, 2:30-5pm. Includes parts of Kenny Wheeler’s ‘Sweet Time Suite’ – I’m playing his part…

1st December – Third Plink Plonk event – London-based saxophonist Alan Wilkinson and Manchester-based guitarist Anton Hunter – each playing a solo set, then a collaborative duo set. At Anteros, Norwich. Link coming soon…

4th December – Chris Dowding (solo) / The Happy Couple / Arthur – York Tavern, Norwich, 1pm – afternoon gig..!


The Triple Bill Tour… :

A short UK tour of three new bands from Norwich, supported by the Arts Council. Includes some things (‘arresting trumpet duo’), Arthur (energetic trio of sax, tuba and drums) and The Brass Monkeys (a joyful, free-flowing improvising brass group). Hope to see you there..!

10th December – Alby Jazz at Erpingham Church, 7:30pm, £8:50 or concs. (Supported by Norfolk County Council’s Arts Project Fund)

11th December – Live radio session on West Norfolk Radio – 7pm

16th December – Norwich Arts Centre

17th December – Vinyl Tap record store, Huddersfield, supported by Hoot – 2:30pm

18th December – Ashburton Live, Ashburton Methodist Church (probably), 3pm

21st December – Vortex Jazz Club, London, 8pm £10 / £8 concs.


19th December – My Dad’s West Gallery choir – Spooner Row church, 7pm-ish



7th January – with Joey Herzfeld – Cactus Cafe, Norwich – evening…

21st January – duo improvised set with Sylvia Hallett, at Hundred Years Gallery, supporting Tolerance Manoeuvre

31st January – Plink Plonk at the York Tavern, Norwich. Performing a newish solo piece, ‘Piano Angel’, for trumpet and electronics.

24th February – Joey Herzfeld Trio, at Jurnet’s Bar, Norwich

4th March – St. Paul’s SessionsTrio of Men, with support by Chris Dowding (solo)

17th March – Natural Causes at Bob Lockwood’s house gig

18th March – Natural Causes at More Music in Morecambe, supporting poet Jackie Kay. Very exciting..!


‘experiments in electronics’ – three-gig residency at the Vortex, exploring electronics…

19th March – hymn / Tolerance Manoeuvre – hymn as a duo of chris dowding (trumpet & electronics) & david ross (percussion & electronics)

9th April – chris dowding (solo), Sudden Amusements (processed trumpet & field recordings duo with Oliver Payne), Clive Bell / David Ross / Marjolaine Charbin

27th May – Rude 2.0, with support by David Ross (solo electronics)


26th March – Little Big Band, Luna Lounge, Leytonstone, London, 2:30pm – playing Kenny Wheeler’s music, amongst other music.

March 27th – Plink Plonk – Ma/ti/om, hymn and Arthur – performing with hymn, a new trio with George McKay (double bass) and David Ross (percussion and electronics) and myself (trumpet, flugelhorn and electronics). Spacious soundscapes and fairly simple written material. Part of a Ma/ti/om UK tour – Ma/ti/om are an Anglo-Scandinavian improvising trio… Supported by Norfolk County Council’s Arts Project Fund.

2nd April – with Choral Engineers, Devon

23rd April – Alby Jazz warm-up gig – Cyan Traces (led by trombonist Dave Amis) and solo saxophone set by Norwich-based saxophonist Simon Youngman. I’m not playing, but involved in organising it, and looking forward to hearing it. (Supported by Norfolk County Council’s Arts Project Fund).

10th June – Triple-bill at Wymondham marketplace, as part of Wymondham Music Festival

15th June – Plink Plonk at Norwich University of the Arts. Including Plonkestra performance. Plonkestra is the in-house improvising group, formed from Plink Plonk organisers and friends.

16th June – Diego Brown plus horn section, at The Betsey Trotwood pub, London. New horn section arrangements that I’m doing. Horn section is: Chris Dowding (trumpet & flugel), Steve Pretty (trumpet & flugel), Annie Whitehead (trombone), Ben Higham (tuba, plus trumpet & flugel occasionally).

26th June – Diego Brown plus horn section, at Clerkenwell ARTSlab, at the Betsey Trotwood pub, London. Also – Chris Dowding solo, playing ‘Piano Angel’.

29th June – Plink Plonk – Sloth Racket plus ROOKS.

2nd July – Possible hymn / Arthur double-bill. Spooner Row church. 

5th July – Joey Herzfeld Trio at First Wednesdays, at Platform 12. First part of three-part residency at First Wednesdays.

6th July – The Brass Monkeys at Head Out Not Home, Norwich city centre.

8th July – Joey Herzfeld Trio, in Great Yarmouth.

11th July – West Gallery choir at Wymondham Music Festival

14th July – Joey Herzfeld Trio, The Happy Couple & Chris Dowding (solo), at The Green Dragon, Wymondham, as part of Wymondham Music Festival

17th August – Chris Dowding / Sylvia Hallett duo, at The Klinker, London

6th September – Sudden Amusements at  First Wednesdays, at Platform 12, Norwich. Second part of residency.

4th October – some things at First Wednesdays, at Platform 12, Norwich. Third part of residency.

22nd October – hymn & Tolerance Manoeuvre double-bill live radio session on West Norfolk Radio.


1st-3rd November – Natural Causes in the south-west

24th November – The Brass Monkeys / Deemer double-bill, part of Deemer’s UK tour to promote their new album, ‘Moment Frozen’. York Tavern, Norwich, 8pm, £7

12th December – Very exciting hymn gig TBA…


The Hard Edges of Metal – short tour… (Cancelled in the end, due to illness…)

Two gigs to kick off a new trio, with support by London-based trumpeter Charlotte Keeffe, playing solo trumpet sets…

17th December – Hundred Years Gallery, London, 4pm, £5

18th December – Norwich – venue TBA, 8pm



4th January – The Brass Monkeys at the Rose Tavern, Norwich

22nd January – some things set at ClerkenwellARTSlab, London – new folk song suite…

22nd March – hymn at The Garage, Norwich. Tickets available through us…

31st March – Short solo set, TBA


Natural Causes album launch tour TBA –

6th April – South-west…

7th April – North…


23rd April – ALATI set at ClerkenwellARTSlab, London – new songs from Alice Oswald poems… Brigitte Beraha (vocals), CD (trumpet & flugel), Dave O’ Brien (keys)

May 4th – With Joey Herzfeld, at Jurnets, Norwich. A new ‘all-star’ line-up…

May 5th – St. Paul’s Sessions – CD (solo), The Happy Couple, hymn (CD, David Ross & Sylvia Hallett – improvised collaboration…)

23rd May – ‘Taster’ night for Camouflage – a new ‘out’ jazz night for Norwich. The Hard Edges of Metal trio, plus London-based (Norwich-born) saxophonist George Crowley’s trio. York Tavern, Norwich, 8pm, £8

24th May – Joey Herzfeld Trio, Last Pub Standing, Norwich

25th May – Performing as part of ‘Timepiece’ at the Norfolk and Norwich Festival, with The Voice Project.

I’m performing at 1pm (solo, with looper), and at 9pm (with The Voice Project choir and various combinations). There are different performances of different combinations and numbers of singers on each hour from 12 noon to 12 midnight. More information here.

26th May – Solo set in Brighton, more information here:

16th June – Performance with London-based dancer Mirei Yazawa, in London. More info soon…

24th June – Summer Pizzazz at Spooner Row Church, as part of Wymondham Music Festival, supported by Norfolk County Council’s Arts Project Fund. Album launch for Sylvia & I for our new cassette and download release, ‘the holding breath’. Come along..!

5th July – The Brass Monkeys (with exciting new line-up..!), Head Out Not Home, Norwich. Venue TBA.

19th July – Performance as part of Durham Brass Festival – commission for trumpet piece with looper app on mobile phone.

23rd July – Diego Brown and the Good Fairy album launch, Betsey Trotwood pub, London, 8pm

28th July – Duo with saxophonist Tom Ward at Bråk, at waterintobeer, Brockley, London

3rd August – Performing with Plankestra, supporting Corsano/Flower duo, at The Portland Arms, Cambridge.

28-30th September – Natural Causes in the south-west – launching our birdsongs double A-side single.

7th October – Sylvia, Colleen & I at The Vortex – extension of the Sylvia & I duo. The first edition of a new night called ‘une, deux, trois’ – presented by the ‘arresting trumpet duo’ some things, exploring solos, duos and trios…

19th October – Screening of my Open Worlds film at Aylsham Picturehouse in North Norfolk. Open Worlds is a community project around field recording and electronics.

20th October – Sylvia & I at Hundred Years Gallery

Hard Edges mini-tour

Mini-tour by the improvising all-brass trio Hard Edges, supported by Charlotte Keeffe (solo trumpet)

21st October – Hundred Years Gallery, London, 4pm, £5

22nd October – The Birdcage, Norwich, 8pm, £5

27th October – NNSAC in-house quartet, WW1 commemorative performance at Octagon Chapel, Norwich for BBC Radio Norfolk

30th October – Camouflage at The Fat Percy, Norwich – Arthur/Monk Inc. double-bill – Third Camouflage taster..!

8th November – some things trumpet duo – featured slot at The Noise Upstairs, Manchester

19th November – ALATI at ClerkenwellARTSlab – second set of songs from poems by Alice Oswald. Brigitte Beraha (vocals), CD (trumpet & flugel), Dave O’ Brien (keys). Special London Jazz Festival edition of ClerkenwellARTSlab that I’ve guest-curated…

29th November – some things at Shane’s non-guitar night, Cactus Cafe, Norwich

30th November – YARMONICS event at Lower Green – films, installations, and a solo saxophone and electronics set by Dee Byrne.

15th December – Concert by Norfolk West Gallery Quire, South Norfolk

28th December – Joey Herzfeld Trio, Norwich