2018 – 

22nd March – hymn at The Garage, Norwich. Tickets available through us…

31st March – Short solo set, TBA


Natural Causes album launch tour TBA –

6th April – South-west…

7th April – North…


23rd April – ALATI set at ClerkenwellARTSlab, London – new songs from Alice Oswald poems… Brigitte Beraha (vocals), CD (trumpet & flugel), Dave O’ Brien (keys)

May 5th – St. Paul’s Sessions – CD (solo), The Happy Couple, hymn (CD, David Ross & Sylvia Hallett – improvised collaboration…)

23rd May – ‘Taster’ night for Camouflage – a new ‘out’ jazz night for Norwich. Hard Edges trio, plus London-based (Norwich-born) saxophonist George Crowley’s trio.

5th July – The Brass Monkeys (with exciting new line-up..!), TBA

24th November – St. Paul’s Sessions – line-up TBA

26th November – ALATI at ClerkenwellARTSlab – second set of songs from poems by Alice Oswald. Brigitte Beraha (vocals), CD (trumpet & flugel), Dave O’ Brien (keys)


Past gigs here:

Past gigs


2017 –


7th January – with Joey Herzfeld – Cactus Cafe, Norwich – evening…

21st January – duo improvised set with Sylvia Hallett, at Hundred Years Gallery, supporting Tolerance Manoeuvre

31st January – Plink Plonk at the York Tavern, Norwich. Performing a newish solo piece, ‘Piano Angel’, for trumpet and electronics.

24th February – Joey Herzfeld Trio, at Jurnet’s Bar, Norwich

4th March – St. Paul’s SessionsTrio of Men, with support by Chris Dowding (solo)

17th March – Natural Causes at Bob Lockwood’s house gig

18th March – Natural Causes at More Music in Morecambe, supporting poet Jackie Kay. Very exciting..!


‘experiments in electronics’ – three-gig residency at the Vortex, exploring electronics…

19th March – hymn / Tolerance Manoeuvre – hymn as a duo of chris dowding (trumpet & electronics) & david ross (percussion & electronics)

9th April – chris dowding (solo), Sudden Amusements (processed trumpet & field recordings duo with Oliver Payne), Clive Bell / David Ross / Marjolaine Charbin

27th May – Rude 2.0, with support by David Ross (solo electronics)


26th March – Little Big Band, Luna Lounge, Leytonstone, London, 2:30pm – playing Kenny Wheeler’s music, amongst other music.

March 27th – Plink Plonk – Ma/ti/om, hymn and Arthur – performing with hymn, a new trio with George McKay (double bass) and David Ross (percussion and electronics) and myself (trumpet, flugelhorn and electronics). Spacious soundscapes and fairly simple written material. Part of a Ma/ti/om UK tour – Ma/ti/om are an Anglo-Scandinavian improvising trio… Supported by Norfolk County Council’s Arts Project Fund.

2nd April – with Choral Engineers, Devon

23rd April – Alby Jazz warm-up gig – Cyan Traces (led by trombonist Dave Amis) and solo saxophone set by Norwich-based saxophonist Simon Youngman. I’m not playing, but involved in organising it, and looking forward to hearing it. (Supported by Norfolk County Council’s Arts Project Fund).

10th June – Triple-bill at Wymondham marketplace, as part of Wymondham Music Festival

15th June – Plink Plonk at Norwich University of the Arts. Including Plonkestra performance. Plonkestra is the in-house improvising group, formed from Plink Plonk organisers and friends.

16th June – Diego Brown plus horn section, at The Betsey Trotwood pub, London. New horn section arrangements that I’m doing. Horn section is: Chris Dowding (trumpet & flugel), Steve Pretty (trumpet & flugel), Annie Whitehead (trombone), Ben Higham (tuba, plus trumpet & flugel occasionally).

26th June – Diego Brown plus horn section, at Clerkenwell ARTSlab, at the Betsey Trotwood pub, London. Also – Chris Dowding solo, playing ‘Piano Angel’.

29th June – Plink Plonk – Sloth Racket plus ROOKS.

2nd July – Possible hymn / Arthur double-bill. Spooner Row church. 

5th July – Joey Herzfeld Trio at First Wednesdays, at Platform 12. First part of three-part residency at First Wednesdays.

6th July – The Brass Monkeys at Head Out Not Home, Norwich city centre.

8th July – Joey Herzfeld Trio, in Great Yarmouth.

11th July – West Gallery choir at Wymondham Music Festival

14th July – Joey Herzfeld Trio, The Happy Couple & Chris Dowding (solo), at The Green Dragon, Wymondham, as part of Wymondham Music Festival

17th August – Chris Dowding / Sylvia Hallett duo, at The Klinker, London

6th September – Sudden Amusements at  First Wednesdays, at Platform 12, Norwich. Second part of residency.

4th October – some things at First Wednesdays, at Platform 12, Norwich. Third part of residency.

22nd October – hymn & Tolerance Manoeuvre double-bill live radio session on West Norfolk Radio.

1st-3rd November – Natural Causes in the south-west

24th November – The Brass Monkeys / Deemer double-bill, part of Deemer’s UK tour to promote their new album, ‘Moment Frozen’. York Tavern, Norwich, 8pm, £7

12th December – Very exciting hymn gig TBA…


The Hard Edges of Metal – short tour… (Cancelled in the end, due to illness…)

Two gigs to kick off a new trio, with support by London-based trumpeter Charlotte Keeffe, playing solo trumpet sets…

17th December – Hundred Years Gallery, London, 4pm, £5

18th December – Norwich – venue TBA, 8pm



4th January – The Brass Monkeys at the Rose Tavern, Norwich

22nd January – some things set at ClerkenwellARTSlab, London – new folk song suite…