5th March – Tree & Bell monthly residency upstairs at Aroma, Norwich, support by Oliver Payne, 2:30-4pm, £5

6th March – Tangential @ The Rosebery, 6-8pm

9th March – ALATI at Vortex Jazz Club – new flightlines project, with Brigitte Beraha and Dave O’ Brien

17th March – Sylvia & I in Guildford – more details to come…

19th March – Trio music for the equinox, with Dave Pullin (double bass) and Simon Vincent (electronics), Norwich – more details TBA…

21st March – heldhands radio show on CAMP Radio – influences behind holding hands, with Chris Dowding and Rob Milne, 3-5pm

2nd April – The Tree and the Bell upstairs at Aroma, Norwich – including a support set by some things trumpet duo, with Ben Higham.

3rd April – Tangential @ The Rosebery

7th April – The Tree and the Bell installation at Waterloo Park (all day) – more details TBA…

15th April – some things at Bright Scarf @ The Belfry, Overstrand

1st May – Tangential @ The Rosebery

4th May – some things at ClerkenwellARTSlab – ‘Positive Feedback’ tour

7th May – The Tree and the Bell monthly residency at Aroma, Norwich, 2:30-4pm, £5